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Joanna's tour gives an excellent overview of the uniquely beautiful places between Port Antonio and Long Bay and the colourful stories surrounding the personalities who have left their imprint here:  Errol Flynn; the romantic and tragic story of the “Folly” ruin and its connection to Machu Picchu, Yale University and the Tiffany family; the story of Princess Nina Aga Khan and her romantic life among the beautiful people of the 1950s; the British defenses against the Spanish at Titchfield Hill; the tale of the Maroons, escaped slaves who forced the British to a truce; the Boston Fruit Company and the banana boom that brought the first tourists to Port Antonio on banana boats, to stay in the first hotel in Jamaica on Titchfield Hill; and the arrival of the jet set in the 50's attracted by one of the most expensive hotels in the world (some of that jet set later built villas in San San).

The town of Port Antonio

The town of Port Antonio, where the island's tourism began in the 19th century, has a range of worthwhile activities to explore, from the bustling market on Friday and Saturday, to the site of a 1720s fort and Victorian homes on Titchfield Hill, to narrow streets crowded with shops and passerby.  Demontevin Lodge, an 1881 Victorian guesthouse still in operation, played host to Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, and twice to Queen Elizabeth II.  The Cenotaph pays tribute to the Parish's dead in the First World War.  The Errol Flynn Marina overlooks Navy Island, which the actor owned, and an esplanade winds from there around a harbor, ending with a shop selling the famed ice cream from Devon House, a grand 1880s home that is perhaps the most popular attraction in Kingston.

Spa, Yoga;  Surfing, Diving, Fishing


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