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“Goblin Hill is the most wonderful place we have ever stayed.”  -  F.C, Vichlow, Poland

“This place has tremendous scenery and access to beautiful beaches in Portland, our favorite parish. Our stay has been made memorable also by the polite & helpful staff.”  - K.F & D.F, Whangarei, New Zealand

“This is the best place in Jamaica!” - F.B., Rome, Italy

"Relaxing in luxury - fantastic.” - S.G., Mallorca, Spain


“Unlike any thing else in the world. The view, the food (Shirley), the flowers and the birds...none of us could describe with words.”  - M. & S., Jamaica

“Love this place; green & beautiful - the most beautiful place in the world.”  - H. H., Sala, Sweden

"Excellent service.  The Goblin Hill garden is a hidden treasure!!”  - I. S., London, United Kingdom

“Perfect for the body and soul! Will stay longer next time. Great cooks.” - P.N., New York, United States

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