Through December 2020, unlock discounts of up to 40%.

  In the Promo Code box below, enter DEC30 to receive 30% off for December 2020 stays. Enter WFH8 for 8-night stays or over, to unlock a 40% discount.

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  Please note: Goblin Hill has a two-night minimum stay, and 24 hours' notice for arrival. The system won't process other bookings. Thank you for your understanding.

  In the Preferences box below, please let us know if you'd like our dinner-and-breakfast meal plan (US$48 daily (kids 7-12 $24; under-7s free) including all charges). Personal cook-housekeeper service is also available in limited quantity for a charge of $30 a day — you may bring your own groceries, or we can purchase them for you.

Reservations (business hours): +876.925.8108

Front Desk: +876.993.7443, +876.630.1540. WhatsApp: 876.416.5917

Fairfield Road, San San, Port Antonio

Portland, Jamaica W.I.

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