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A 70s-tastic, unplugged, villa vacation in Jamaica's lushest parish, with 7 area beaches, pool, and Portland's only tennis courts, newly-resurfaced.

Escape to lush gardens, continuous breezes and 1,600-square-foot villas.

Villa vacations|Jamaica|Port Antonio
Villa vacations|Jamaica|Port Antonio

In Portland, Jamaica sits a place where the Blue Mountains meet the Caribbean sea, where coves and sun-drenched beaches beckon, rare hummingbirds dart among the lush tropical flowers, and the sound of tree frogs

lulls you to sleep.

This is Port Antonio, where Goblin Hill Villas at San San sits on eleven acres of lawns and lush gardens, overlooking sparkling Jamaican white sand beaches and turquoise Caribbean water.
One of the most unspoiled corners of Jamaica, Port Antonio is an insider's glimpse into the Caribbean of yesteryear.  In its heart, Goblin Hill's television-less villa vacation lifestyle offers the most potent relaxation around.


And now: for five-night stays or more, book our three-bedroom waterside villa.

➺  PLEASE NOTE: San San Beach is currently open on weekends only.

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