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Please note:  San San Beach is currently open weekends only.

A wealth of things to do.

From swimming to Princess Nina Aga Khan's island a few hundred feet off San San Beach, to fishing for marlin, to hiking to look for Jamaica's 28 endemic bird species, there's plenty of ways to while away your days.


From the beach where surfing and 'jerk' seasoning was born on the island, to one fed on one end by a crystalline river, there's a stretch of white sand for every taste in our neighborhood.​

Waterfalls and Rivers

Actor and Portland resident Errol Flynn popularized the idea of lazily floating down the Rio Grande in the bamboo rafts used to transport bananas, rum drink in hand.

As they'd say in your native Tasmania, Errol - good on you, mate.​


Half-Day/Day Trips

From birdwatching hikes that end at secluded waterfalls, to downhill bicycle rides past Blue Mountain coffee plantations, explore the wonder of Jamaica's lushest parish.​

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